Phil Constable Design, provides bespoke tailored artwork and design to transform any interior or exterior. Working across a wide range of mediums, with diverse skills and utilising an array of innovativeunique techniques, approaches and processes, we transform environments into experiences.
Phil Constable Design has an extensive client list including Circle Club, Manchester's elite private members club,Ring Spun, fashion house, Paul Astall Design, Interior Designers, SB Studio, Architects and private households
.Phil Constable Design have a client centered approach, working closely with the client whilst developing and creating the concept and design work, from the initial creative stages to the hand crafted delivery and resolution.



  68 Degrees [ more images ]


68 Degrees in a french restraustant based in the Northern Quarter area of Manchester. The owners of the 68 Degrees where looking for a contrast between layout and brickwork using a trace of a French lace wallpaper pattern. Using screen printing we gave it a distressed feel using repeated images of varying intensity suggesting remanants of historically applied wallpaper


Ringspun [ more images ]


Ringspun, branded storage spaces for central office. We used the idea of shipping containers utilising their Identity, aging the containers as if they'd been on the seas for years confirmed their global standing.


57 Thomas Street - Marble Brewery [ more images ]


57 Thomas Street, Marble Breweries. Full branding interior and window. Screen-printed bespoke design. Collaboration with John Macklin on branding 57 Thomas Street of Marble Beers Ltd. Marble Beers Ltd opened a new bar in Northern Quarter area of Manchester and was looking for a branding that stamped a Marble Beers Ltd identity with a modern approach. Using a combination of branding and graphic elements of Decadence bottle led to the following outcomes. Graphics and visuals were applied using screen printing on a imported German plaster with a protective coat finish.


Circle Club - Bar Area [ more images ]

  Circle Club, Machester's elite private members club. Champagne bar. Screen-printed bespoke design.Commisioned by Moet & Chandon.    
Phil Blacks [ more images ]

Phil Blacks, fashion boutique. Phil Constable Design were commisioned to render and finish their interior. Using techniques and processes exclusive to Phil Constable Design we produced a tailored response to the environment.

Circle Club - Inner Circle [ more images ]

Circle Club is a exclusive members bar and club and is Manchester's only VVIP club. The Inner Circle design spans a 80 metre square area. The theme is of death and resurrection. Phil Constable Design worked closely with the Circle in order to achieve an exclusive and unique look. Screen-printed bespoke design.


Circle Restaurant [ more images ]


The Circle were looking to carry their identity from the VVIP club but with a lighter more spacious and fresh feel to complement their restaurant. Screen-printed bespoke design.

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