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LIBERTINE Bar/Restaurant in Manchester


The client was looking for a centre piece behind the bar. The client had a reference from New York of the gold gild boarder that I added the letter ‘L’ inch corner. On all the gold gilding I distressed the gold to let the black filter through.


Each piece was hand silvered individually with generally minimal distress with the odd one heavily distress and backed with a gold ink the have mate gold filter through to create the over all effect. When tiled together in 3.5 meter square space the created that tiled distressed mirror effect, created an amazing impact.


The client also wanted a very distressed look and feel to the place, French Chic look. Due to my experience with paint effects the client asked me to develop an over all look.


I wanted to focus on the beautiful colours coming through in layers after the wall were stripped back as part of it’s history then applying plaster and sanding back with paint effects and polishes over to create the desired effect.

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