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Phil Constable Mirrors

Phil Constable is a glass art specialist, utilising methods and processes which date back to Victorian times, to create stunning, bespoke, hand crafted branded and non-branded mirrors. Phil has been in the business for five years and his skills include reverse art, screen printing on to glass, gilding, etching, silvering and antiquing.

Since developing his craft, Phil has been involved with numerous high profile establishments, including Dylan’s in Llandudno; Cane&Grain, Black Dog, Tariff and Dale, and The Tavern in Manchester; and Albion Glass in Northwich. With each project, Phil works closely with the client to develop ideas to ensure the right design is implemented and suits the client's specific requirements.

The Black Bull

The Black Bull mirrors were commissioned by Up North Architects to create four mirrors, one a Black Bull branded mirror and a triptic from a panoramic landscape photo of the surrounding area from a local photographer. We came up with the idea of half toning the image and screen printed it on three pieces of glass the silvered over the top. As featured in The Gurdian.


Cane&Grain mirrors were designed to go in the cocktail bar to complement the antique surroundings, leather booths and distressed paint effect walls. The branding in black and gold with heavy distressing to look like the mirrors have been under the sea for years.


Dylan's started five years ago and was my first client producing commercial mirrors, for their first restaurant in Menai Bridge. Dylan's is a very special client, as I also designed the branding, working closely with the client. The branding on the mirrors was developed from the word Dylans, which means waves in Welsh, so that was the reasoning behind the two dashes/waves below the Dylan's logo. Dylan's has since opened more restaurants in Criccieth and Llandudno

Tarriff & Dale

Tarriff & Dale in a bar/pizza restaurant in the Northern Quarter, Manchester. The idea was to make distressed mirrors with rustic colours coming through with silvering rather than the usual black. Mirrors were placed in larger mirrors in the top bar and in the  panelled, fabricated corner area in the downstairs restaurant. See website here

GE Gary and Emma

GE was a mirror I made as a wedding present for two very good friends Gary and Emma Peploe. I used the Genral Electrics logo and screen printed on glass and silvered with light distress.

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